LY to vote on oversight bills on 21 June

14 June, 2024

Courtesy of ICRT


Lawmakers have agreed to vote on recently passed law revisions aimed at increasing oversight of the cabinet next Friday.


The legislature received the cabinet's request to reconsider the amendments to the Law Governing the Legislative Yuan's Power and the Criminal Code approved on 28 May.


The agreement to take a vote next week follows cross-party negotiations on the contentious parliamentary reform bills.


Thursday's negotiation lasted nearly two hours and concluded that Premier Cho Jong-tai will attend legislative hearings next Wednesday and Thursday, during which he will explain the Cabinet's decision to reject the revisions and take questions from lawmakers.

Lawmakers will then vote on the morning of 21 June to decide whether to uphold the passage of the amendments. Lawmakers must vote on the government oversight bills no later than 25 June. If they fail to reach a decision before that deadline, the bills will be void.


DPP legislative caucus whip Ker Chien-ming says if lawmakers vote in favour of the bills again, his party will seek a Constitutional Court ruling on their constitutionality.

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