Healthcare policies to be reviewed annually

29 April, 2024

Courtesy of ICRT


President-elect Lai Ching-te says he will convene an annual health symposium on 27 April to assess the progress in implementing healthcare policies.


The statement came at the end of a series of "Healthy Taiwan" fora and part of the president-elect's "National Project of Hope" policy which he touted during his election campaign last year. Six national health foras have been held since 23 March.


Lai says his administration will allocate an annual budget for the implementation of 10 suggestions and an initiative proposed during the talks. He also hopes to promote other policies such as long-term care in combination with geriatric medicine, smart medical and healthcare, and health policies targeting indigenous people.

The 10 proposals include aims to reduce the cancer mortality rate by a third of what it was in 2022 by 2030, to offer mental health leave to students, and to advance long-term care.


Health care experts also proposed a Healthy Taiwan Sprout Project, which suggests the government initiate a program focusing on optimizing healthcare professionals' working conditions, talent cultivation, smart medical services, and social responsibility.

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