Five new cabinet ministers announced

24 April, 2024

Courtesy of ICRT


Five incumbent cabinet members are returning to their posts when the new cabinet is sworn in on 20 May.


These are Finance Minister Zhuang Cui-yun, Overseas Community Affairs Council head Xu Jia-qing, Ocean Affairs Council head Guan Bi-ling and Directorate-General of Personnel Administration head Su Chun-rong. Acting Agriculture Minister Chen Jun-ji will formally take up the post he has held since 2023.


Chen Shu-zi who is the current head of Tainan City Government's Research, Development and Evaluation Commission makes her debut as head of the Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistic.

Premier-designate Cho Jung-tai has said he considers the latest cabinet picks are current agency chiefs who have worked in the public sector for decades and are all seasoned officials.


26 cabinet positions have now been filled. The heads of defence, foreign ministry, and Mainland Affairs Council have yet to be named as have between seven and nine new ministers without portfolio.

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