Lai unveils net zero plan

22 April, 2024

Courtesy of ICRT


President-elect Lai Ching-te announced a comprehensive plan to accelerate Taiwan's net zero transition with five strategic initiatives. He spoke during the "Earth Solutions 2024 Sustainable Design Action Conference", marking today's World Earth Day.


Key strategies include the second energy transformation, dual digital and green industrial shifts, and enhancing renewable energy development such as geothermal and hydrogen power.


Lai emphasized the urgency of these actions to align with global sustainability trends and strengthen Taiwan's competitive edge. He plans to establish smart energy systems and green finance, aiming to integrate these initiatives into a national low-carbon lifestyle. Government support will be pivotal, ensuring no sector is overlooked in the transition.

In other environmental news, environmental groups have marked Earth Day today, but issuing recommendations for the government's work on carbon fees. The groups, which include the Green Citizens' Action Alliance, and Citizens of the Earth, called for the government to finish formulating carbon fee rates before a new government takes office on 20 May.


The coalition also says minutes of meetings for deliberating carbon fee matters should be made public. The groups point out that to date, two meetings have been held to discuss the issue, and aside from invited civic representatives and experts, the public remains unaware of what progress has been made. They are calling on the government to complete its work on relevant laws and regulations, in order to demonstrate its determination to reduce carbon emissions.


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