Taiwan could face water shortages

29 March, 2024

Courtesy of ICRT


The Water Resources Agency reports that Taiwan's reservoirs currently hold over three months of public water supply. But they warn the upcoming agricultural demand calls for heightened attention to Shimen (石門), Baoshan (寶山), Yongheshan (永和山), and Liyutan (鯉魚潭) reservoirs.


Premier Chen Chien-ren has directed efforts to enhance water supply stability in response to the dry season and climate change impacts. He emphasizes the need for continued collaboration on water network connections and diversified water sources.

Despite reduced rainfall catching reservoirs at just 30-60% of the yearly average and increased demand for spring ploughing, government measures have saved 840 million tons of water.


With all regions currently on a green alert, indicating slight tension in water supply, authorities urge the public and industries to practice water conservation and prepare early for drought and flood prevention, aiming for stability before the upcoming rainy season.

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