MODA targets completion of 700 satellite hot spots this year

28 March, 2024

Courtesy of ICRT


It's easy to find a hot spot in Taiwan but it's expected to get even better by the end of this year. That's when the Ministry of Digital Affairs expects to establish 700 hot spots across Taiwan which can be used for satellite communications during emergency situations.


The ministry's Department of Communications and Cyber Resilience says it has implemented three major strategies to ensure the availability and security of Taiwan's communication network in the event of an emergency.


Department director general Bruce Cheng says the establishment of 700 hot spots to transmit and receive signals from Non-Geostationary Orbit satellites is part of the first strategy.

The system is geared towards access to critical communications for the military and the government in times of large-scale or near-complete network disruptions.


Cheng says the system should have the capability to serve as a command system for essential communication channels under those circumstances.

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