Survey: Coronavirus hits willingness to join the labour force

30 March, 2020

Courtesy of ICRT


A new study finds that coronavirus has negatively impacted young people's willingness to join the labour force.


According to the latest survey conducted by the 1111 online job bank, 64% of new university graduates say they are planning to find jobs. That's down about 9% compared to the same period last year.


A significant portion of people who planned to seek work overseas have put off their plans, with 30% saying they've decided to wait.

Japan, The United States, and China remain the most popular employment destinations.


The job bank says this hesitance to find work coincides with the decision by many companies to freeze hiring as their customer base shrinks due to the coronavirus.


It adds that competition for existing openings has increased, with employers asking for more qualifications and experience.

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