MOTC head warns about China's revised flight plans

30 January, 2024

Courtesy of ICRT


Transport Minister Wang Kwo-tsai is warning that China's adjustments to its flight paths in the Taiwan Strait could potentially affect aviation safety around Kinmen and Matsu.


The statement comes after Bejing announced earlier this week that the north-south M-503 flight path would be moved back to its original path some 4.2 nautical miles from the median line of the Taiwan Strait from today.


China also said it will begin allowing eastbound flights on flight path W-122 between Fuzhou and M-503 and W-123 between Xiamen and M-503 from today.

The transport minister says the W-122 flight path is close to both of the airports in Matsu, while the W-123 path is close to Kinmen's airport. The shift poses aviation security concerns if cross-strait communications are not carried out properly.


Wang says the Civil Aviation Administration and Ministry of National Defense are currently planning responses to China's move.

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