No airlines apply for extra flights to China

26 January, 2024

Courtesy of ICRT


The Ministry of Transport says it has received no applications from airlines to operate additional passenger flights from China to Taiwan over the Lunar New Year holiday.


The government opened an application process on 8 January for carriers seeking to operate charter flights from 13 Chinese cities between 31 January and 20 February due to an expected rise in travel demand over the holiday period.


However, Deputy Transport Minister Chen Yen-po says to date no airlines have applied to schedule additional flights under the program, although numerous regular direct flights are available between Taiwan and China.


Data shows that as of last December, 290 flights carrying around 82,000 passengers per week were operating between Taiwan and China, with an average seat occupancy rate of 54.5%.

Meanwhile the Taoyuan Union of Pilots says its EVA Airways members will go on strike either during the Lunar New Year or Tomb-Sweeping holiday if disputes over pay and working conditions with the carrier are not resolved. The statement comes after EVA Airways pilots obtained the right to strike on Monday following a vote.


Although a new round of negotiations was held on Wednesday with EVA Air representatives, the union says those talks "resulted in no breakthroughs."


The union approved and announced possible the two "windows" for a pilot strike following a regular board meeting on Thursday, at which it discussed strike procedures and other details. According to the union, any potential strike will be announced 24-hours in advance, but the strike plans will be adjusted based on the outcome of any discussions with the airline.


The dispute centers on the pilot's calls for a base salary pay raise of more than 20%, increases in subsidies and a rise in international allowances.

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