Cabinet enters caretaker mode

19 January, 2024

Courtesy of ICRT


President Tsai Ing-wen has asked Premier Chen Chien-jen and his entire cabinet to remain in their posts until 20 May in a caretaker role to ensure a smooth handover of political power. The request came after Chen and his cabinet submitted their resignations following yesterday's regular weekly meeting.


Cabinet spokesman Lin Zi-lun says the resignations were handed-in accordance with constitutional practice ahead of newly-elected lawmakers being seated on 1 February.


The move was in line with Constitutional Court Interpretation No. 387, which states the premier should hence resign along with their full cabinet before the first session of each new legislature.

According to the premier, although the cabinet is now in a caretaker period, he hopes the team will keep working with the new legislature to push forward various policies for the benefit of the country and the people.


The new legislature will include 52 Kuomintang (KMT) lawmakers, 51 from the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), eight from the Taiwan People's Party, and two independents.

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