CEC releases financial status of presidential candidates

06 December, 2023

Courtesy of ICRT


The Central Election Commission (CEC) has released financial disclosure statements for all three presidential candidates.


According to property declarations from the DPP's Lai Ching-te, he owns a plot of land and a property in Tainan, a Toyota car, a bank deposit with NT$2.15 million and 13 life insurance savings policies, as well as a housing loan worth NT$13.86 million.


The KMT's Hou Yu-ih has filed two plots of land and three properties in Taipei and Chiayi County, with bank savings of NT$39.58 million, bonds totalling NT$4.03 million, and three life insurance savings policies.


Taiwan People's Party candidate Ko Wen-je has reported nine plots of land and six properties in Taipei, Hsinchu City, and Penghu, with total bank deposits of NT$24.6 million, NT$950,000 worth of fund benefit certificates, and seven life insurance savings policies.


In related news, the Ministry of Interior says all the three presidential candidates and their running mates comply with national regulations that include citizenship requirements, and are eligible to run in the January ballot.


This, after the ministry said checked the qualifications and requirements of the presidential and vice presidential candidates at the request of the Central Election Commission -- which is scheduled to finalize the list of candidates later today.


The commission is meant to announce the official roster for the election on 15 December. Although the interior ministry says its checks found that all six candidates met Republic of China citizenship requirements, it didn't raise dual nationality issues.

The matter was raised after the DPP and the KMT called on authorities to look into whether Taiwan People's Party vice presidential candidate, Cynthia Wu had relinquished her United States citizenship.


In other presidential election campaign news, KMT presidential candidate Hou You-yi today affirmed the United States as Taiwan's unwavering ally, emphasizing the importance of strengthening ties with democratic countries and engaging in dialogue with mainland China. His running mate, Jaw Shaw-kong (趙少康), positioned their campaign as both pro-American and pro-China, saying it contrasts with the DPP's pro-American and anti-China stance.


Meanwhile, TPP candidate Ko Wen-je warned that the election could pivot on independence versus unification issues.


On the domestic front Hou criticized the DPP for creating problems and praised Taipei Mayor Chiang Wan-an (蔣萬安) for resolving the Taipei Dome issue. Jaw highlighted the need for transparency in political dealings, questioning the DPP's integrity and accusing them of corruption under the guise of national security.

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