Presidential election news update

04 December, 2023

Courtesy of ICRT


The DPP's presidential and vice presidential election candidates have opened their national campaign headquarters in Taipei - which will serve as a base for operations ahead of the 13 January ballot.


Campaign office director Chen Shih-chung greeted thousands of supporters at the opening ceremony - saying the upcoming campaign would involve all party members working towards securing victory in the presidential election. The former health minister also urged voters to "choose the right people" who will advocate for and safeguard Taiwan's sovereignty in the context of an increasingly assertive China.


President Tsai Ing-wen and several other DPP heavyweights also attended the opening of the campaign headquarters. They accused the KMT of resorting to a "fearmongering campaign strategy" by promoting the narrative that election is a choice between war and peace.

Meanwhile, KMT Chairman Eric Chu says his party is seeking to run the cheapest ever presidential election campaign. The statement follows reports that fundraising for Hou You-yi and his running mate, Jaw Shaw-kong has not met expectations and donations had fallen short as a result.


The KMT chairman says his party will set a new record for the least amount of money spent on an election campaign and would rely heavily on the goodwill of friends and supporters. Chu also says local campaign offices will be funding rallies by themselves and will not be using any funds from the party's main campaign headquarters. The KMT has plans to hold 17 presidential campaign rallies islandwide in the run up to the January election.

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