Social media posts about Indian migrant workers may be propaganda

28 November, 2023

Courtesy of ICRT


A national security source says recent social media posts which claim the government is planning to allow 100,000 Indian migrant workers into Taiwan is part of China's cognitive warfare.


The online rumors began after it was revealed that Taiwan was looking to sign a memorandum of understanding with India that would pave the way for the hiring of migrant workers.


The unnamed national security source was quoted as saying that such claims are a tactic employed by Beijing to create social panic and spark tension between Taiwan and India.

The source says China appears to have been spamming the Ministry of Labor's Facebook page with "modularized messages," which either demand the ministry make public details of the agreement public... or to reject Indian migrant workers.


The source also says a majority of those accounts are "abnormal". They show limited information about personal activities and social networking traces that makes it possible they were created to manipulate public opinion regarding the issue.

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