Hsiao Bi-khim named as DPP VP pick, Hou "willing to wait"

22 November, 2023

Courtesy of ICRT


The DPP's presidential candidate Lai Ching-te has named Taiwan's top diplomat in the United States, Hsiao Bi-khim as his running mate for January's election.


Hsiao served as the representative to Washington since July 2020. She tendered her resignation from that post to Foreign Minister Joseph Wu Monday morning prior to the DPP's announcement. According to the foreign ministry, Wu approved Hsiao's request for leave during the election campaign period and the process is expected to be completed in the coming couple of days. Wu also commended Hsiao for her work as Taiwan's top envoy to the US, saying she made "outstanding contributions to Taiwan-US relations during her tenure."


In other election news, KMT presidential nominee Hou Yu-ih says he's willing to wait until the last minute for Taiwan People's Party chairman, Ko Wen-je to either approve or reject a joint opposition election ticket. Hou also says he's willing to accept the role of vice president if the poll review process determines that Ko should top the ticket.

The statement comes as the KMT and the TPP remain deadlocked over how to assess the polls. Definitions of the margin of error are one of the main sources of contention. Hou is now proposing that Ko appoint two polling experts, while KMT Chairman Eric Chu and former President Ma Ying-jeou each appoint one to review the nine previously reviewed polls again today. The KMT presidential nominees says the entire review process can be publicly broadcast with the aim of gaining public trust.


Meanwhile, Ko says he will hold a press conference later this morning to address the KMT's latest proposal and he hopes both sides can choose a combination that maximizes the chances of winning.


In legislative election news, candidates from the KMT and TPP jointly registered for elections in Taichung yesterday. Eight KMT legislative candidates were joined by TPP candidate Tsai Bi-ru (蔡璧如). They were accompanied by two KMT heavyweights, party chair Eric Chu (朱) and Taichung mayor Lu Shiow-yen (盧秀燕). Lu said the “8 1” registration ensures no conflict between blue and white in Taichung’s elections.

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