MOL working on plan to allow in workers from India

13 November, 2023

Courtesy of ICRT


The Ministry of Labor's (MOL) Workforce Development Agency says talks are ongoing to open Taiwan up to migrant workers from India.


According to Paul Su, the head of the Cross-Border Workforce Management Division, discussions are progressing smoothly and the government is hoping to sign an agreement before the end of this year at the earliest. Su says the government has yet to finalise which sectors will be open to migrant workers from India in the initial stages and that will only be decided after an agreement is reached.


However, reports have been saying an estimated 100,000 Indian migrant workers could come to Taiwan to work in the manufacturing, construction, agriculture, and caregiving sectors.


India's Ministry of External Affairs last week confirmed that talks are underway and, although not putting a timeframe on when they could end, said it hopes they can be concluded soon.


There are currently 740,000 migrant workers in Taiwan - the majority of whom come from Indonesia and Vietnam.

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