Hon Hai developed satellites launched

13 November, 2023

Courtesy of ICRT


Two low-earth orbit satellites developed Hon Hai have been successfully launched into space aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.


The two cubesats - PEARL-1H and PEARL-1C - satellites blasted off into orbit from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California. The two satellites where part of a payload of more than 100 other satellites.


Hon Hai says the PEARL-1H and PEARL-1C entered orbit some 59-minutes after liftoff. They passed over Taiwan for the first time early Sunday morning and Hoi Hai says a ground station successfully received signals from both of them.

Hon Hai's Next-generation Communications Research Center says the launch of the two satellites is a pilot run as proof of the concept for its efforts in low-earth orbit satellite broadband communications and next-gen, beyond 5G capabilities.


Hon Hai first unveiled its plans to launch low-earth orbit satellites last year and the company said it will be explore new business opportunities in technologies related to low-earth orbit and ground-receiving stations in the next three years.

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