EY cracks down on election interference

03 November, 2023

Courtesy of ICRT


The Executive Yuan has taken a firm stance against election meddling amid reports of foreign forces influencing the upcoming 2024 presidential elections through illegal betting and fake news.


Authorities have intensified intelligence gathering and investigative efforts, with a recent crackdown leading to the arrest of individuals running an election betting operation. Furthermore, allegations of bribery have surfaced at the petition stations of presidential hopeful Terry Gou. The government has urged the public to report any suspicious activities as part of efforts to safeguard the fairness of the elections.


This comes after Terry Gou submitted the final batch of over one million petition signatures the Taipei City Election Commission to qualify as a candidate in the upcoming presidential election.


According to Gou's office, a total of 1,036,778 petition signatures have been submitted to the commission. That figure is more than three times the required number of 289,667 signatures needed to become an eligible candidate.

A statement issued by Gou's says that each signature is considered by the Hon Hai founder to "represent an affirmation and expectation" and Gou and his running mate Tammy Lai "carry the expectations of their supporters and willingly take on the responsibility for the future of the Republic of China."


The signatures will now be reviewed and ratified by the Central Election Commission. The commission will publish the results of the candidate's petition by 14 November.


Candidate registration for the presidential election will take place from 20-24 November.

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