KMT and TPP agree to cooperate in LY elections

31 October, 2023

Courtesy of ICRT


The Kuomintang (KMT) and the Taiwan People's Party (TPP) say they've agreed to collaborate in January's election to maximize the number of seats in the Legislative Yuan (LY) and to avoid what they're calling "one-party democratic rule" by the DPP.


This comes after KMT Chairman Eric Chu and his TPP counterpart, Ko Wen-je held talks aimed at establishing an electoral pact between the two parties.


But Chu and Ko failed to make any progress with regard to how to select the "strongest opposition presidential candidate" with the chance of ending the DPP's eight-years in power.

In spite of this, Chu said both parties agreed on several issues. These include ensuring there won't be a "one-party monopoly," that future cross-strait relations and dialogue be based on the ROC Constitution, and that the next president should report to the legislature instead of passing that responsibility to the premier.


Ko is describing the talks as having "historic significance" and is stressing that both sides will discuss several controversial issues, including how a joint presidential ticket will be dealt with, at a later date.

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