Nvidia and Hon Hai to team up on AI

19 October, 2023

Courtesy of ICRT


Visiting Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang says his company is teaming up with Hon Hai to develop artificial intelligence factories to improve the electric vehicles of the future and make autonomous vehicles safer.


Speaking at the 2023 Hon Hai Tech Day in Taipei, Huang said two companies are building an "end-to-end system" encompassing Nvidia's A-I factory and the A-V fleet envisioned by Hon Hai. According to Huang, the end-to-end system the two companies are building will focus on advanced EV cars with AI brains that enable them to interact with drivers and passengers and drive themselves, and an AI factory that will develop software for the cars.

Huang went on to tell attendees that the circular system will enable the cars to collect data from the AI factory to process and further improve the software for the entire A-V fleet to work more intelligently.

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