Ko and Hou clash at forum

19 October, 2023

Courtesy of ICRT


The KMT and Taiwan People's Party presidential candidates have clashed at the Global Views Leaders Forum in Taipei -- that, despite both sides seeking to join forces in the January election.


Speaking at the event, Ko Wen-je called on Hou Yu-ih to "take it easy" about the prospects of the parties forming a presidential electoral pact and said they could instead collaborate on the legislative election.


The statement came after the KMT candidate urged Ko and the TPP to "put the Republic of China, the people, and the economy before oneself" and stressed that "if you help others, you help the country and ultimately yourself."


Hou told the forum that he remains "very optimistic" that the KMT and TPP will work out an electoral pact and asked supporters for "a little more time and a little more faith" in the two camps. The KMT candidate also noted that he firmly believes that it's crucial for the two parties to dovetail their values and political direction, as he says "getting elected is important, but governance is even more important."

This comes as the proposed alliance between the KMT and the TPP, which is highly-anticipated among supporters of the blue camp, seems to have hit another snag. One day after the KMT proposed a more detailed plan for the primary system, the TPP says it'll stick with its initial proposed method of using public polls.


TPP presidential nominee Ko Wen-je's office spokesperson Dai Yu-wen says they found the primary system that KMT came up with unrealistic and time-consuming. Dai also says they're suspicious of the system's credibility, adding that he doesn't understand why the KMT insisted on it instead of using public polls. Asked if the idea of an alliance has fallen apart, Dai says as long as the KMT is willing to engage in discussions with the TPP, they will approach the situation with the "utmost goodwill and flexibility".

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