KMT agrees to discuss TPP proposal for joint presidential ticket

11 October, 2023

Courtesy of ICRT


Taiwan's two opposition parties, the KMT and the TPP, could be closer to agreeing on collaboration terms for the 2024 general elections.


This comes after the KMT reportedly agreed to a TPP proposal to discuss a potential joint presidential ticket today. The TPP has said that whoever has the highest poll ratings should be on the ticket as the presidential candidate, with the losing side proposing the option for vice president.

KMT presidential candidate, Ho Yo-ih, has proposed a two-on-two communication and integration between the two parties. The party will send the campaign executive director, Jin Pu-cong, and the party's secretary-general, Huang Jian-ting, for this purpose.


Meanwhile, TPP presidential nominee Ko Wen-je says today they will send their campaign office manager Huang Shanshan, and campaign director, Zhou Yu-xiu, to negotiate and conduct three policy debate sessions before comparing poll results.

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