KMT chairman says opposition cooperation is essential

05 October, 2023

Courtesy of ICRT


KMT Chairman Eric Chu says cooperation between opposition parties is essential for victory in the presidential and legislative elections in January. He added that no approach can be ruled out in an effort to defeat the ruling DPP.


His comments come amid media reports that the KMT and the TPP have so far shown no sign of teaming up despite the prevailing public sentiment for that to happen among the blue-camp supporters.


Currently, the KMT has 38 seats in the 113-seat national legislature, while the TPP, established by Ko Wen-je, has five at-large seats in the national legislature.

Chu mentioned the example of advanced Western democracies, saying it is common for alliances across the political spectrum grounded in shared concepts and ideals.


After months of concerted effort, the KMT and TPP are closer in terms of political philosophy, according to Chu.

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