Government to raise childcare subsidies

27 September, 2023

Courtesy of ICRT


Premier Chen Chien-jen says the government plans to raise child day care allowances by at least NT$1,500 per month starting next year. The move is part of government efforts to boost Taiwan's fast declining birth rate.


According to the premier, subsidies for parents with children under the age of three attending public care centres will be increased to NT$7,000 per month. Those using publicly subsidised private day care centres or home babysitting services will receive NT$13,000 a month. Chen says additional child day care subsidies will also be offered to parents with two or three children and those from low-income or lower-middle-income families.

The government's budget for measures to counter declining birth rates has increased from NT$15 billion in 2016 to the NT$120 billion projected for next year. However, data shows the number of new births has declined over that period - falling from 193,844 in 2017 to 138,986 in 2022. New births in the first eight months of this year are trending slightly lower than in 2022.

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