Inbound FDI down 27% year to date

20 September, 2023

Courtesy of ICRT


Overseas investment in Taiwan in the first eight months of this year amounted to US$7.5 billion, a 27% decrease compared to the previous year.


The Investment Review Committee stresses that Microsoft and ASML have continued to invest in Taiwan, while DBS Bank and two European wind power companies are expanding their facilities as well.

As for Taiwan's investments in foreign countries, Taiwanese companies invested a total of US$11 billion, more than doubling the amount from the same period last year.


Among them the biggest ones are TSMC's US$3.5 billion-dollar capital expansion in its new plant in Arizona, and YAGEO Corporation's acquisition of French company Hudson Holdco France, worth 720 million euros. Meanwhile Taiwan's businesses invested US$2.4 billion in China, an 8% decrease.

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