2024 presidential election update

18 September, 2023

Courtesy of ICRT


Terry Gou is set to launch his signature drive to become an independent presidential candidate later this week. He must submit at least 289,667 signatures in support of his candidacy by 2 November to secure a place on the ballot for the January election.


Gou and his running mate, Tammy Lai, registered for the petition at the Central Election Commission on Sunday. Gou's campaign office says he will formally announce the commencement of the signature drive tomorrow.


Campaign office spokesman Huang Shi-xiu says Lai submitted her citizenship renunciation application to the American Institute in Taiwan last Friday. According to the AIT website, it takes between seven and 10 working days to review documents before an in-person appointment, after which the application will be sent to the US Department of State for a final decision. That decision, according to AIT, can take up to six months. However, Gou's campaign office says it is confident that Lai will complete the renunciation procedures by the 24 November deadline.

Meanwhile KMT presidential candidate Hou Yu-ih says the main purpose for his trip to the US this week is to raise awareness about issues involving "ensuring peace in the Taiwan Strait."


Speaking with reporters in New York, Hou said the aim of the visit is to ask the US' executive and legislative branches to pay closer attention to peace across the Taiwan Strait and to continue helping Taiwan in boosting its defence capabilities.


Hou was interviewed by Bloomberg New shortly after arriving in New York. Speaking to reporters following those meetings, Hou said he believes US news outlets are focused on cross-strait peace and security issues as well as what role a Taiwan future leader should play in maintaining cross-strait peace and security.


Hou also said peace will only be achieved via strength, while exchanges will enhance understanding and two sides of the Taiwan Strait will significantly lower potential risk via dialogue, with the main goal to promote peace and security of Taiwan and the world.


Hou will be visiting Washington D.C. today and tomorrow, where he will be meeting with members of the U-S Congress and American Institute in Taiwan Chair, Laura Rosenberger.

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