2024 presidential candidates news update

15 September, 2023

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KMT presidential candidate Hou Yu-ih is beginning a week-long trip to the United States for what his campaign office is touting as "a journey to boost dialogue and friendship."


Speaking prior to boarding his plane at Taoyuan International Airport, Hou said the goal of the trip is to demonstrate "his will" to the US to defend Taiwan's democracy and freedom and his determination to safeguard peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait.


Hou also said he hopes the US will continue to "pay great attention to" the stability of the region and lend a helping hand to Taiwan as it seeks a greater role in the Indo-Pacific in the areas of economics and trade. Hou will visit New York, New Jersey, Washington and San Francisco. His itinerary includes an interview with Bloomberg News, meetings with members of the U-S Congress and talks with American Institute in Taiwan Chair, Laura Rosenberger. He will also be meeting with Taiwanese expats.


Meanwhile Terry Gou has named actress Tammy Lai as his running mate for next year's election. Speaking at a presentation event in Taipei, Gou said he will depend on Lai's "unique female perspective to foster a more equitable and gender-balanced culture in Taiwan."


Gou also touted Lai position as the founder of the Collaborative Communications Academy - saying that proves her credentials as having "positive communication skills." While Lai, who portrayed the president in the hit political drama "Wave Makers," said she will seek to communicate the credentials and policies of Gou's independent ticket by "engaging with opposition parties, the media and most importantly, the public."

Lai's nomination as Gou's vice presidential pick means she will now have to renounce her US citizenship to be eligible to run in next year's election (she currently holds dual citizenship). Gou must also collect signatures from 289,667 voters in support of his presidential bid between 19 September and 2 November to make it onto the ballot.


Different political parties have very different reactions to the business tycoon’s choice of running mate. The opposition KMT is urging Gou to be less egocentric and have a broader perspective about the presidential election.


It says Gou should make his moves based on the goal that he sets himself, which is to replace the ruling DPP, adding that the goal can only be achieved by integrating all the opposition forces. Gou has broken his own pledge of supporting the KMT presidential candidate when the party allowed him to join the presidential primary earlier this year.


The DPP, on the other hand, praises Lai as a "respectable and promising" running mate, saying that it's looking forward to better discussions of national policies.


In a statement, the NPP calls Lai a "unique and eye-catching decision," saying it's a good thing that a person from outside the political arena is entering the public affairs domain.

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