CDC releases coronavirus guidelines for "large events"

06 March, 2020

Courtesy of ICRT


Taiwan's Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has released a series of guidelines for the hosting of large events, which are defined as those being attended by at least 1,000 people.


The events include festivals, those organized by political, cultural or religious groups, sports tournaments and graduation ceremonies.


According to the CDC, the guidelines have been issued amid concerns of possible community coronavirus infections as the sources of infection in several recent cases remain unknown.


Under the guidelines, health authorities will be using six risk indicators for their assessments.

They include ventilation at the venues, the type of seating at the venues, separation between participants, the duration of an event, whether face masks should be worn and if hand disinfection facilities will be available at the sites.


Organizers are now being asked to consult with their local health authorities for an assessment prior to holding any event that could attract more than 1,000 people.


The guidelines come as the Central Epidemic Command Center has confirmed two new coronavirus cases, bringing the total number of cases in Taiwan to 44 since the outbreak began.

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