KMT describes Gou's 2024 decision as regrettable

29 August, 2023

Courtesy of ICRT


The KMT is describing Terry Gou's plans to run as an independent candidate in January's election as being "deeply regrettable."


In a statement released hours after Gou announced his decision, the KMT accused the Hon Hai founder of "reneging on an earlier promise" to help its presidential candidate Hou Yu-ih win the 2024 election. The KMT also warned that party members who publicly show support for Gou's presidential bid will be subject to disciplinary measures.


However, the party went on to say that it hopes that Gou will return to the KMT fold one day and join "mainstream efforts to unseat the DPP."


The Taiwan People's Party has also commented briefly on Gou's decision, saying its candidate Ko Wen-je is leading in the polls among the opposition contenders. According to TPP spokesman Lee Ding-li, the party will continue to build on that momentum, while seeking close cooperation with the other opposition parties in the election campaign.

In his announcement, Terry Guo told reporters that he is the only contender with decades of business management experience. Guo says he decided to run after watching Taiwan's political and economic situation gradually shift from prosperity to "the edge of a cliff" resulting from the DPP government's "incompetence."


The businessman positioned himself as "a representative of the mainstream consensus" and said his ability to leverage his "business acumen will guide the nation forward." Guo said under his leadership, he will guarantee an economic growth rate that is more than double the current rate, starting in the next fiscal year, as he highlighted his expertise in finance and economics. The presidential hopeful also promised that if elected, he would bring 50 years of peace to the Taiwan Strait and lay a solid foundation of mutual trust between Taiwan and China.

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