Environmental ministry urged to reduce use of plastic

21 August, 2023

Courtesy of ICRT


Environmental groups are urging the soon-to-be-inaugurated "environmental ministry" to set out a roadmap for plastics reduction and provide reassurances that it will honor its pledge to ban the use of single-use plastic items.


The calls comes as the Environmental Protection Administration is scheduled to be upgraded to the status of a "ministry" tomorrow.


Environmental groups say the EPA pledged in 2018 to ban the use of plastic bags, cups, straws, and tableware by 2030, but it is failing in goal.

The statement has been signed by the Taiwan Environmental Information Association, the Taiwan Watch Institute, The Society of Wilderness, and Greenpeace.


The EPA says the ministry will refer to a planned United Nations agreement on ending plastic pollution - which is set to be passed next year in setting its plastic reduction targets.

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