Agricultural losses from typhoon estimated at NT$129 million

07 August, 2023

Courtesy of ICRT


The Ministry of Agriculture says agricultural losses caused by Typhoon Khanun currently stand at NT$129 million.


Data from the ministry shows farms in Miaoli, Taichung and Nantou were the hardest hit.


Agricultural damage in Nantou stands at NT$120 million and accounts for 93% of the total losses so far. Miaoli County is seeing NT$6 million in loses, while Taichung has sustained NT$2.5 million in storm-related agricultural losses. The Ministry of Agriculture is warning that those losses will likely rise, as more farms report further damage in the coming days.

However, the typhoon also brought an influx of water into Taiwan's reservoirs. The Water Resources Agency says reservoirs around the island recorded intake of over 86 million tons of water from the departing storm.


Officials say southern reservoirs received the most water, with the Tseng-wen and Wu-shan-tou reservoirs estimated to gain 30 million tons.


Tseng-wen Reservoir, the largest serving the south, is now at just over 25% of capacity. The WRA says the north's Shimen Reservoir also gained nearly 1.7 million tons of water, and is now almost 98% full.


The agency says it will maintain its water alert level for Chiayi and Tainan for now, continuing to reduce water pressure in households overnight.

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