KMT calls for legislative review of US trade agreement

30 June, 2023

Courtesy of ICRT


The opposition Kuomintang’s (KMT) legislative caucus is urging the cabinet to send the first agreement signed under the US-Taiwan Initiative on 21st Century Trade to the Legislative Yuan (LY) for review.


The agreement was signed on 1 June. The call comes after the cabinet approved the deal yesterday and is now set to submit it to President Tsai Ing-wen for final approval.


The Conclusion of Treaties Act states that after an agreement enters into force, it will be published and submitted to the Legislative Yuan "for reference," unless the content involves state secrets or publishing it would threaten national security interests.

However, KMT legislative caucus whip William Tseng says the agreement should be submitted to the Legislature for review and ratification because of the "significant impact that treaties with other countries have."


According to Tseng, the KMT legislative caucus has sent a request to legislative speaker You Si-kun, asking him to put the agreement on the agenda for cross-party discussions during the upcoming special legislative session. That session is slated to be held in mid-July.


Several Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) lawmakers are voicing their support for the KMT's proposal.

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