Women's groups call for amendments to gender equality laws

30 June, 2023

Courtesy of ICRT


Women's groups are calling on lawmakers to show solidarity with victims of sexual harassment ahead of an extra legislative session next month to discuss amendments to gender equality laws.


The Modern Women's Foundation, the Taipei Women's Rescue Foundation, and the Taiwan Coalition Against Violence have launched an online petition seeking to draw awareness to the upcoming session.

According to the petition, lawmakers need to take action to put an end to sexual harassment and assault by those in positions of power while victims of such actions should also understand they are not alone, as people are ready to help those seeking redress.


The petition urges lawmakers to update the Sexual Harassment Prevention Act, the Act of Gender Equality in Employment, and the Gender Equality Education Act. It says those three Acts have to be updated in terms of how valid evidence can be offered, how long an appeal can be made and how perpetrators and employers should be punished.

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