Military planning drill at Taoyuan Airport

28 June, 2023

Courtesy of ICRT


Ministry of National Defense (MND) officials say Taoyuan International Airport will suspend commercial air traffic for one hour late next month for a military anti-takeover drill.


It will be part of the live fire phase of this year's Han Kuang exercises and will be the first time that such a drill will have ever been staged at the airport.


Reports say it will involve members of the Aviation and Special Forces Command and Army Airborne Special Forces posing as invading forces, with ground troops deployed to repel the attack.


The exercise has been set for 26 July and officials say it's likely to last less than an hour in order to avoid a lengthy disruption to air traffic. According to MND officials, all major airlines will be informed of the event and an international air traffic broadcast will also be issued.


The live-fire component of the Han Kuang military exercises is scheduled to take place from 24-28 July.

In unrelated defence news, the MND is reiterating that it will attack Chinese military aircraft and ships "in a defensive action" if they enter within 12-nautical-miles of Taiwan's territorial space.


The statement comes after Chinese J-10 and J-16 jet fighters were spotted operating close to Taiwan's airspace this past weekend.


That incursion was the first such action by Chinese military aircraft since 31 December of last year and 1 January this year, when Chinese warplanes approached the contiguous zone, which is located 24 nautical miles from Taiwan's coastline.


According to defence officials, eight aircraft approached the outer boundary of the contiguous zone on Saturday. The MND says is closely monitors all Chinese aircraft and ships and if they enter Taiwan's territorial air space and seas, and ignore warnings, the military will actively "strike back to safeguard national security."

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