State-run enterprises asked for pay rise plans

26 June, 2023

Courtesy of ICRT


Four state-run enterprises overseen by the Ministry of Economic Affairs will be asked to submit plans for raising employees' wages from next year, despite two of them having run up massive losses in 2022. The move comes after the cabinet earlier this month announced plans to increase pay levels for public sector workers by 4%.


According to the Enterprise Commission, it will submit a request to state-owned companies for salary raise plans after it receives a formal pay hike notification from the government.

The state-owned companies covered by the plan include Taipower, CPC, Taiwan Sugar, and the Taiwan Water Corporation. Although Taiwan Sugar and Taiwan Water both made profits in 2022, CPC and Taipower ran up heavy losses last year.


Unlike raises for civil servants, salary adjustments for employees of state owned companies have to take into consideration performance and overall personnel costs.

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