FM touts need for closer ties with Taiwan

20 June, 2023

Courtesy of ICRT


Foreign Minister Joseph Wu says countries looking to attract investment by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing should consider their ties with Taiwan.


Speaking to reporters in Europe, Wu said Taiwan has not set any specific conditions regarding TSMC's overseas investments, and if Europe provided attractive incentives to the chipmaker, the government would not stand in the way.


Wu said ties between Taiwan and Europe had developed in recent years, which can be seen in parliamentary visits and statements by senior European Union officials on the importance of maintaining peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.


However, the foreign minister went on to say there is a "philosophical issue" -- as if other countries want Taiwan's help with semiconductors, they should also consider the broader picture of their relations with Taiwan.


Wu also said he hopes the EU will continue to warn against any unilateral change of the status quo in the Taiwan Strait... while also making it clear that China would face economic sanctions for any acts of aggression against Taiwan.


In other foreign relations news, Italian Senate Vice President Gian Marco Centi-naio says he's looking forward to seeing more Taiwanese officials visit Italy to strengthen direct communications between politicians of the two sides.

Just before he wrapped up his six-day trip to Taiwan, Centinaio said he would be happy to see more such visits from Taiwanese officials either for personal visits or in their official capacities.


Centinaio believes such visits will facilitate closer and more direct exchanges between Taiwanese officials and their Italian counterparts and Italian parliamentarians.


The Italian politician also said he was happy to see that Taiwan is set to open a new representative office in Milan and that should significantly increase Taiwan's visibility, as the city has very close links to the European Union.


Centinaio's visit this past week was the highest-level Italian parliamentarian to visit Taiwan since 1970.

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