MOF to clarify taxing of "influencers"

20 June, 2023

Courtesy of ICRT


Taiwan's Ministry of Finance says it wants to clarify how taxes work for internet influencers.


As the internet influencer industry continues to see a boom in creators, content, and even platforms, the Finance Ministry says certain portions of influencers' income have caused a lot of confusion, regarding how much should be taxed, and how.


The MOF says it has commissioned accountants and academics to compile comprehensive research on the many forms of income and profits earned by internet personalities, including the money made through profit-sharing with advertisers, and through livestreaming "awards" gifted by viewers.

The research aims to clearly delineate which portions of influencers' profit models count as coming from performance, e-commerce, or other sources, and will also take into account the methods of taxation used by other countries, such as the US.


The MOF says it will publish a comprehensive list of frequently-asked questions and important information, to make it clearer exactly how much internet creators should be paying in taxes.

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