Taiwan hosts international anti-corruption workshop

14 June, 2023

Courtesy of ICRT


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs says a three-day workshop on governmental efforts to combat corruption is scheduled to taking place in Taipei this week.


The event brings together nearly 200 law enforcement officials and NGO workers from 14 countries and features discussions on public-private and cross-national collaborations on combating corruption.


Attendees are expected to discuss the role of technologies and civil society groups in governmental enforcement efforts.


The workshop is being co-hosted by the Ministry of Justice and the representative offices in Taiwan of the US, Japan, Australia, Canada and the UK.


The workshop is part of the Global Cooperation and Training Framework – an initiative launched in June 2015 by Taiwan and the US.

In unrelated MOFA news, the Cabinet has approved the appointment of Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Yu as Taiwan's top envoy to the European Union and Belgium.


Yus position will be filled by Remus Chen, the incumbent representative to the EU and Belgium. Prior to serving as deputy foreign minister, Yu headed Taiwan's representative office in Geneva and led the ministry's Department of Latin American and Caribbean Affairs.


Chen previously headed the Department of North American Affairs and Department of European Affairs and served as Taiwan's ambassador to Belize.


Chen replaced Tsai Ming-yen as representative to the EU and Belgium in October 2022 when Tsai returned to Taiwan to serve as deputy foreign minister.


Tsai assumed the post of National Security Bureau director-general in a Cabinet reshuffle in February of this year.

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