Gender equality laws top priority in next LY session

09 June, 2023

Courtesy of ICRT


Premier Chen Jian-ren says gender equality laws will be a priority in the next legislative session.


As instances of sexual harrassment have been increasingly reported in various industries, including the government, Premier Chen says they need to be dealt with and resolved more systematically, as many cases are not just stand-alone incidents, and require a more comprehensive approach.


Chen says the revision of three gender equality laws will definitely be sent to the Legislative Yuan for its next session.

The gender equality laws under consideration include the "Act of Gender Equality in Employment", the "Gender Equity Education Act", and the "Sexual Harassment Prevention Act".


Meanwhile, Chen has ordered each ministry to focus on three main areas: improving relevant guidelines, improving channels for complaints, and passing amendments to current laws and regulations through inter-ministerial collaboration.

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