AmCham questions government's energy transition efforts

08 June, 2023

Courtesy of ICRT


The American Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan has released its 2023 White Paper - in which it's warning that Taiwan has "fallen far behind schedule" in its efforts to significantly increase the country's renewable energy supply. This echoes repeated calls by the ECCT for Taiwan to remove impediments and speed up the development of renewable energy in Taiwan.


According to AmCham Chair Vincent Shih, chamber members are expressing concerns about the lack of progress by the Tsai administration to "drastically alter its energy mix" by transitioning to renewable energy and phasing out nuclear power.


Speaking to reporters at the White Paper launch event in Taipei, Shih also said the chamber is now calling on the government to provide "a clear roadmap" outlining how it plans to "ensure sustainable and competitive-priced renewable energy in the future."

AmCham President Amy Chang said such transparency is important for businesses and investors whose demand for green energy continues to grow.


And she went on to say that "when and how much electricity can we get? And what are the different pricing schemes for big and small consumers" – are the questions the chamber's members are asking the government.


Their comments come a day after Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Chairman Mark Liu expressed similar concerns over the government's renewable energy supply in the company's annual general meeting.

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