IATA calls for easing cross-strait travel restrictions

06 June, 2023

Courtesy of ICRT


The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is calling for cross-strait travel restrictions to ease further - saying such a move will improve air connectivity and facilitate the development of the cross-Taiwan Strait aviation sector.


The call comes as the global air travel body meets in Turkey this week for its annual summit.


Xie Xing-quan, who is regional vice president for IATA North Asia says the trade association is aware of the hurdles facing cross-strait business and leisure travel but adds both sides should work towards a full restoration of cross-trait air travel as soon as possible.

Xie says figures provided by China Airlines and Eva Airways indicate that Taiwanese carriers have strong potential to lead an increase in cross-strait flights.


A recent report by the air transport association shows that international travel demand had reached 81.6% of pre-pandemic levels by March, in part due to a near-tripling of demand for Asia-Pacific flights following China's reopening in January.


The association says Taiwan and China are not taking advantage of the sector's recovery.

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