Bill mandating solar panels passed

31 May, 2023

Courtesy of ICRT


Lawmakers have passed an amendment to the Renewable Energy Development Act that requires certain buildings to have rooftop solar panels incorporated into their design.


The buildings covered by the bill include newly built, expanded, or altered structures that meet specific conditions.


According to the amendment, new buildings that meet a size threshold will be required to design into the building the space for a certain installed capacity of solar panels and then have those panels installed.

The building owners will be allowed to use the electricity generated themselves or sell it to Taipower or private entities.


It will be up to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Ministry of the Interior to work out the key details of the solar panel amendment, such as size threshold for new buildings and the type of building covered.


The two ministries will also have to establish the minimum required installed capacity of a solar power array.

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