MOI considering extending stays for some foreigners

29 May, 2023

Courtesy of ICRT


The Ministry of the Interior (MOI) says it is seeking to amend Regulations Governing Visiting, Residence and Permanent Residence of Aliens.


The move is said to be aimed at allowing some foreign nationals to extend their stays in Taiwan after they graduate or if they have to take care of family members.


The ministry says the amendments are part of efforts to better protect the rights and interests of foreign nationals residing in Taiwan.


Under the proposed amendments, foreign nationals who need to take care of a family member who has residency in Taiwan and has been hospitalized due to serious illness or injury will be able to extend their visas.


Foreigners national aged 18 or over will be allowed to extend their visas if either parent is a Taiwanese national, or is permitted to reside in Taiwan while foreigners who have studied in Taiwan will also be allowed to extend their residency for up to two years after graduation.

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