Only one make-up work day in 2024

26 May, 2023

Courtesy of ICRT


The government says the number of "make-up" work days is being cut to just one next year, while the number of long weekends will be reduced to four from this year's seven.


According to the government, the changes to the public holiday calendar have been made due to the large number of complaints over the number of six-day work weeks this year.


There will be 115 days off work next year, one fewer than this year under the newly published list of public holidays to be observed by government agencies in 2024.

Private sector workers will also have the day off to mark Labour Day on 1 May. Next year's first long weekend will fall from 30 December through 1 January. The second will be the week-long Lunar New Year holiday from 8-14 February.


A four-day holiday will mark Children's Day and Tomb Sweeping Day from 4-7 April, while the three-day Dragon Boat Festival holiday will take place from 8-10 June.


The only "make-up" work day will fall on Saturday, 17 February, following the Lunar New Year break.

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