MOL to allow hiring of 28,000 more migrant workers

24 May, 2023

Courtesy of ICRT


The Ministry of Labor (MOL) says it plans to loosen the criteria for the employment of migrant workers.


According to the ministry, the move means an additional 28,000 migrant workers will be able to come to Taiwan to help address the island's labour shortage.


MOL officials say the new policy targets workers in the manufacturing, construction, agricultural and care giving sectors - and is expected to be introduced in mid-June at the earliest. The largest number of extra workers will be allocated to the care giving sector.

The ministry's Workforce Development Agency says the government is also making it easier for individual farmers or small-sized farming operators to hire migrant workers.


Qualifications for migrant workers will be loosened for flower, vegetable, tea, and coffee farmers, while logging and afforestation companies are also now allowed to hire foreign workers.

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