KMT names Hou as presidential candidate

18 May, 2023

Courtesy of ICRT


The Kuomintang (KMT) has officially nominated New Taipei Mayor Hou Yu-ih as its 2024 presidential candidate.


KMT Chairman Eric Chu announced the nomination at a meeting of the party's Central Standing Committee. Chu says Hou was chosen after the party considered "scientific data and the opinions of local government heads and lawmakers."


Speaking to reporters at the party's headquarters in Taipei following his nomination, Hou said he will "unite supporters and lead the KMT to a return to power in the 2024 presidential election."


Hou also said Taiwan is facing "fierce challenges internationally and internal divisions that have left many things still to be done" and only when the KMT returns to power "can we save the nation and save Taiwan."

Terry Gou, who was also seeking the KMT's nomination, is vowing to support Hou's candidacy - saying he will keep his promise and "do everything" he can to support "Hou to win the 2024 general election and get rid of the incompetent government." Both Hou and the KMT chairman have thanked Gou for his "show of solidarity."


Meanwhile, the Taiwan People's Party has formally nominated its founder and chairman Ko Wen-je as its 2024 presidential candidate.


Ko was the only party member seeking the nomination, and his candidacy had been a foregone conclusion for months.


The TPP says Ko's registration information was reviewed by its Central Standing Committee, which approved it during a regular weekly meeting.


Ko has not made any public comments about his nomination. However, he is expected to give a platform presentation centred on "harmony, reconciliation, and peace" at an event in New Taipei this coming Saturday.

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