First domestic submarine prepares for final tests

15 May, 2023

Courtesy of ICRT


Local shipbuilder CSBC says a prototype of its first domestically manufactured submarine is set to undergo final tests in September.


The statement on the status of the island's indigenous submarine programme comes after reports in January claimed that more than 40% of the prototype submarine's main body is being manufactured in Taiwan.


Corporation chairman Zheng Wen-long says CSBC has procured 107 core technologies to build what is known as the "red zone" of the vessel, from overseas, while it has been able to build 85 components locally so far.

Zheng says the locally produced technologies include airtight doors, the water conversion system, hydraulic system and the silent air conditioning system.


The CSBC chairman says the company has also turned to local companies to manufacture the special silent toilets after it was decided that the cost of purchasing them from overseas was too high.


Zheng says after CSBC completes shipyard testing of the submarine in September, the company will carry out further harbour and sea operation testing before delivering the submarine to the navy.

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