Cabinet pledges NT$1 billion to tackle labour shortages

28 April, 2023

Courtesy of ICRT


The cabinet is pledging NT$1 billion in funding for a programme the government hopes will help ease labour shortages faced by the tourism, hospitality, logistics and agricultural sectors.


The Workforce Development Agency says the programme aims to help recruit 20,000 workers over a one year period by giving payments to employees or providing subsidies to employers.


Under the programme, a worker aged 45 or below will receive a NT$6,000 monthly cash payment for up to one year if they find a full-time job through the programme.

The monthly payment will be increased to NT$10,000 for workers aged between 45 and 65, while those aged between 45 to 65 will receive a monthly payment of NT$5,000 for up to one year if they find part-time jobs through the programme.


Workforce Development Agency head Tsai Meng-liang says the Ministry of Labor plans to reach out to relevant industry associations to identify job opportunities and use its existing employment services to help match suitable workers with those jobs.

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