MODA to invest in telecoms resiliency

17 April, 2023

Courtesy of ICRT


The Ministry of Digital Affairs (MODA) has announced plans to invest NT$6 billion in a four-year Disaster Roaming programme starting next year.


The ministry says the move is part of government efforts to strengthen telecommunication resiliency in cases of emergencies such as war.


The ministry says the programme will seek to enable domestic telecoms operators to "recognize" each other's customers in order to support each other with services that ensure Voice over Internet Protocol communication can continue in the event of a conflict.

The ministry's Department of Communication and Cyber Resilience says the "disaster roaming" programme will be rolled out after an all-out national defence mobilization order is issued.


The department says in such a situation, "domestic telecommunications operators should be able to recognize each other's customers" to allow cross-network roaming.


When completed, the programme will only request adjustments from telecom companies, and customers will not be required to upgrade their devices.

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