Parliamentary group slams Macron's remarks

12 April, 2023

Courtesy of ICRT


A group of cross-national parliamentarians are slamming French President Emmanuel Macron for what they're describing as his "ill-judged remarks" that sent a signal of "indifference" over Taiwan.


The Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China is expressing its "dismay" over Macron's comment, which appeared in an interview with Politico and Les Echos. Speaking in the interview, Macron suggested Europe should avoid being "caught up in crises that are not ours" and said Europe cannot become a "follower" of either the United States or China on the issue of Taiwan.

According to the alliance, the comments "undermine the decades-long commitment of the international community to maintaining peace across the Taiwan Strait" and are "severely out of step with the feeling across Europe's legislatures and beyond."


The alliance says Macron "does not speak for Europe" and democratic governments should "do everything possible to ensure that Beijing's aggressive stance towards Taiwan receives the hostile reception it deserves from the international community."

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