MOFA recalls ambassador from Honduras

24 March, 2023

Courtesy of ICRT

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) says it has recalled Taiwan's ambassador from Honduras.


The move comes after the Honduran government announced that it has sent its foreign minister to China for talks on ending formal ties with Taiwan in favour of Beijing.


According to the foreign ministry, it decided to recall Ambassador Vivia Chang immediately to express Taiwan's strong dissatisfaction with Honduras. The ministry says Honduras' decision to send its foreign minister to China to discuss the establishment of diplomatic ties has "seriously hurt the feelings of the Taiwanese government and people." The ministry is also accusing the Honduran government of "disregarding the friendship with Taiwan that has lasted for more than 80 years, and it is ignoring Taiwan's long-term assistance and goodwill in helping solve the country's problems."

Foreign Minister Joseph Wu is accusing China of using personal bribes to lure away Taiwan's allies. Wu says Beijing is putting money directly into the pockets of a foreign government officials in a bid to force them to sever ties with Taiwan... in a move that does "absolutely nothing for the well-being of the people" in those countries.


The statements come amid reports that Honduras asked Beijing for a US$6 billion cash injection. During a legislative hearing, the foreign minister said Taiwan was willing to do its best "within its capabilities" to help Honduras but would not accept demands for "huge sums of cash" without explanation.


Wu also told lawmakers that it is now unlikely formal diplomatic ties with Honduras can be salvaged, as the country's foreign minister has been sent to Beijing.

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